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All brands in one round

HOME DESIGN exposes visitors, architects, interior designers and design
advocates to a variety of Israeli design stores alongside international luxury
brands that offer home textiles, wall cabinets, seating systems, carpets and
carpets, dining areas, bedrooms, children's and youth rooms, designed
doors, windows and outdoor furniture. , Lighting, decorative elements and
complementary accessories that provide a complete and comprehensive
solution for home decoration and dressing.

The design of the complex, which combines design stores under one roof,
offers the most necessary services in the process of renovation and interior
design, and enables customers to save time and money in an environment
that provides maximum comfort to the professional clientele (architects
and interior designers).
The complex facilitates planning, design and home furnishings by offering
a variety of design solutions for home wear, combining combinations
of styles and budgets, and creating a total loch for the desired space in
the home. So that customers can see different combinations of diverse
branded furniture and make a reasonable purchasing decision, from the
vast variety shown on two floors in the circular complex, creating a personal
design language that suits them under one roof.

This allows customers to see different combinations of diverse branded
furniture and make a reasonable purchase decision. From the vast variety
displayed in the complex, it is possible to make both stylistic and budgetary
combinations and to create a total loqueck for the desired space at home,
while maintaining a uniform design language and all under one roof.

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